Acne Treatments: Different Acne Treatment Types

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Stop worrying about acne! There are way too many acne treatments available to resolve the problem.

OTC Medications

    Over the counter medications are very popular when it comes to treating acne. But, one medication that might work for some may not give the same results for other sufferers. So, you better be careful about the choice you make.

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    Prescription Treatments

      If the condition is severe, consulting a dermatologist is a must. You must talk to your doctor to understand the causes behind your condition and they would suggest you one of the prescription acne medications.

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      Surgical Procedures

        They may be the last resort but there are various surgical procedures available to get you over the condition of acne. They are effective as well as safe.

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        Alternative Therapies

          Alternative therapies like Yoga and Acupuncture may not directly treat acne but they are surely very effective in promoting the overall well being of your health. So, you could really give them a try.

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          Home Remedies

            Home remedies are easily available in your household and are completely hassle free. They are effective too when it comes to treating acne.

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            Natural Herbal Treatments

              Natural and herbal acne treatments have a big advantage. They are usually free from all kinds of side effects and so you could go ahead curing your acne with them, quite easily!

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              How To Use An Acne Treatment Product?

                You must know the right way to use an acne treatment product to get the maximum benefit out of it. Most of the times people are not able to get the desired results with an acne treatment because they do not know the right way to use them.

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                What Acne Treatment Mistakes One Must Avoid?

                  Make sure that you are not committing one of the acne treatment mistakes. These mistakes could make it difficult for your acne treatment to prove effective.

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                  Are There Any Natural Exfoliants For Acne Prone Skin?

                    Here are top picks in natural exfoliating ingredients that will help you take care of acne prone skin better. They are easily available in your kitchen!

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                    How Does Toner Help In Treating Acne?

                      Toner, in simple words, is a skin care product that removes traces of dirt, debris and dead skin cells from the skin surface. A toner removes the underlying impurities and keeps the skin clean.

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                      How To Handle Acne In African American Skin?

                        The color of African-American skin is darker than that of other ethnic groups. Since the melanin content in their skin is high, they need to take extra care of their skin.

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                        Comments (25)
                        • Moises Marsek  - Acne Treatments: Different Acne Treatment Types
                          I am now not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend a while learning much more or working out more. Thank you for fantastic information I was in search of this info for my mission.
                        • Levitra cam  - tsv
                          :D tell me some natural thearphy to prevent hairfall
                        • Madison  - Wipeout
                          I usually don't write any comments about anything. I thought I would share this though because it has worked for me. I have had really bad acne since I was 15 and as an adult it is just time for it to go away! I get big pimples that form really big, hurtful, red balls on my face. It is almost as if I have small cysts on my face. I do have POS, so that is the main reason for my acne. I have recently ordered and started taking an acne supplement called Wipeout. This has done wonders for me, and I am going on my second week of taking the supplement. I have smooth, soft, pimple free skin and I owe it to this pill. I did my research before ordering and felt comfortable trying this product. If you are looking for a fast result, I do recommend this product. This was my last solution before going to the derm, but usually they want to put me on birth control and I will not take Accutane again. Hope this helps any of you that have tried everything! Good luck.
                        • Anonymous  - :)
                          I was just get the email and I will learn more about it . I wish I could get the best acne treatment for me which has no side effect and waste lots of money :)
                        • Jackie  - side-effects- if any
                          Does long term use of acne medication pose side effects? I have managed to control my breakout but keep using my gels and creams whenever a zit appears. any suggestion on this?
                        • Elson
                          jackie can you name any med without a side effect? stop worrying, if u r not over using a lotion or gel. acne is a skin condition tht needs to be controlled time to time. there are lot many issues inside our body that trigger the breakout. you need to use good lifestyle habits like exercising daily and eating moderately to get rid of medicines and control those factors. Till then, acne medications are not that bad.
                        • Taylor Morales  - Meds without side effects
                          I tried Proactiv, Clean and Clear, everything I found at Wallgreens and Walmart. What I found to help is standard benzoyl peroxide and a pill called Wipeout. Instead of shrinking the glands like Accutane, it stops oil production, stopping the acne. Stuff works wonders. No side effects!
                        • Anonymous  - Best Acne Treatment
                          Natural acne treatments effectively worked on me. They do not only treat and clear acne but also leave skin soft and smooth as new. Thanks.
                        • Stefan  - Acne treatment
                          Hello there since december Of 2012 ive been getting acne on my nose its getting much worse my prescriber recommended me a soap and a cream to treat acne but more acne shows up what do i do?
                        • ali  - old acne
                          i have used minocycline isotretinoin and still i'm facing acne problem.
                        • chelsia  - minocycline + isotretinoin is a big NO
                          hey ali why r u using both minocycline and isotretinoin together? Use only isotretinoin (accutane) it is very effective to control breakouts. Using minocycline (Tetracycline) along the antibiotic for acne may be very harmful for you. it can have severe side-effects, rather than controlling pimples.
                        • presha  - herbal treatment questions
                          Hi, Do you recommend herbal treatments over medical treatments? Is is true that herb thyme provides a better treatment for acne breakouts? or i shall keep using my creams and lotions and try these herbs along? Thnks.
                        • Debrah  - what is age limit for otc medication
                          Is it recommended to use benzoyl peroxide and retenoids for early breakouts? My daughter is 12 and she has got a chunk of zits in the center of right cheek. I m unsure if I take a doctor's appointment or try some of these treatments. also is herbal/natural treatment better choice. I am making her drink ACV juice for detox. A reply is highly awaited.
                        • roshick  - acne and blackhead
                          Hi .I am 15 years of age .i have been strugling with acne for about 3 i have found some products that really works for me and i would want to share them with you.I used the clean and clear black head eraser and st ives blackhead and blemish and control.Use the the st ives every night and the clean and clear twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon.this will help.your face will be dry i suggest the aveeno or the cetaphil mouistorizer
                        • Alicia  - my own tips
                          Hi I am 30, hv mild occasional acne bt had suffered severe breakout too in my early teens. with time i learnt that acne requires more than treatment. basically it wants you to take a very good care of your skin and stay stress free besides using tons of creams and gels for clearing those zits. Recently i have added probiotics to my daily diet and noticed clearer skin. It helps me stay clean from inside and that helps my acne too. Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics and every one should consume it to steer clear acne. I use some natural packs such as fuller earth's pack and apple cider vinegar as well. These work fine, but do not miss your medines. Whatever u use benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, adapalene, clindamycin or erythromycin make note of few things. As treatment works, your skin would become sensitive. So don't expose to direct sunlight. Do not use make up, facials or chemical peels. I use AHA packs often though and these help me get better skin tone. let the t...
                        • Betty  - Probiotics- Run for antibiotics!
                          Thanks for probiotics suggestion! I think this shall be right addition to my diet. I have been on accutane and topcial acne antibiotics for more than an year. My docy used combos of several medicines in my treatment. I have a confident, clear skin today, but with weaker immunity. I cant guess if it has anything to do with acne treatment. probiotics shall do some good.
                        • Tootie  - questions
                          I am 23 yrs old, I have acne since my teens, I am still having occasional breakouts. I may have few to many breakouts and am taking minocycline daily, and still have breakouts. I clean my face every night with antibacterial soap and put epiduo jell on pimples as well. I wear mineral powder make-up. I see the dermatologist and did not know if you had any helpful tips.
                        • Par
                          HHi, I have acne since 13 years old,its been 8 yaers now.I have treated them vt medicines and using acne cleansers,but I end up having very dry cheeks leading to wrinkled face..what should I do??
                        • Betty J. T  - treating acne and scars
                          Do not touch active zits. They may retaliate and leave even darker spots. Let them heal first. Later on when your skin is cured, use advanced methods like laser resurfacing to get rid of marks. Also, most scar treatments usually take a couple of months to fade away those blemishes. its worth waiting and treat acne first. I have used mederma and zenmed cream for my scars, they both work fine.
                          P.S I successfully cured my acne and marks. I do not have any new pimple from past 6 months :)
                        • percy
                          can i try scar treatments while i have active zits? I had too many acne on my cheeks. They are moderately cured now. But dark marks look too bad and I want to get rid of them too.
                        • Clark
                          You need to be patient with acne. They come and go as hormones in your body keep fluctuating. I have a 3 step formula for my acne- keep your skin clean always(use mild cleansers only); use oral medicine and cream for acne when u have active zits(adapalene+clindamycin gel); eat diet rich in vitamins and low in fats. THIS HELPS.
                        • Sharon Sears  - Kindly advice for acne treatment
                          Hi. I am 17 and have just got my first skin breakout. I have small red zits making a full circle on my right cheek. They are painful and itchy and I just could not help but touch my pimples all the day. Shall I try some of acne home remedies given here or try using 0.025% Retin-A cream and doxycycline myself? One of my friends showed improved skin with these medicines. Or, I can simply try both at the same time? Kindly advice.
                        • Lucy
                          Use any of the treatments available OTC as these are first line of defense against acne. I would suggest you a gel based Benzoyl peroxide. It works on all types of zits. Use a gentle acne moisturizer to counter the drying effects of BP however. All the best.
                        • Cathy  - Acne Treatment
                          I have known acne for 15 yrs. My teen acne cleared up wid hormonal therapy and acne antibiotic. But after my 2 babies, zits again flared up all over my face. I would use alternative and natural treatments suggested here :idea: I would continue using my cleanser and acne cream. I had forgotten them. :ooo: This must help. So glad I found so many acne treatments at one place! Thanks. :D
                        • Zandri  - Solution to acne

                          I have been struggling with acne from a very young age. I tried all the lotions and potions that I could find.

                          It really works!
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