A Little More About Baby Acne

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Baby acne is a very common condition among newborn babies. Baby acne can be present at the time of birth or may usually develop within 2 to 4 weeks after birth. About 20 per cent of new born baby get affected by baby acne.

As a result of baby acne, the skin of the baby may appear rough and red. It can appear in the form of whiteheads, blackheads and pustules on the forehead, cheeks and chin. But baby acne is harmless and usually resolves within few weeks on its own.

It is said that baby acne is the result of hormonal changes. The transfer of hormones from the mother to the baby, through the placenta is the cause of baby acne. The hormones can also be transferred in the form of mother's milk. Unlike teen acne, there is no clear reason for baby acne.

Baby acne, when left undisturbed, usually clears up within a few weeks on it's own. The doctors generally do not advice any medical treatment because the situation might get worsened by irritation if you apply any acne products such as gels and lotions.

Always clean your baby's face. Take care to thoroughly remove any food particles, including milk, from the face. Baby skin is far softer than we think it is. Even seemingly innocent food particles can cause much harm to their skin.

Harsh detergents should not be used while washing the clothes of the baby. Normal detergents contain many potent chemicals which can irritate the skin.

You should never rub baby acne. In case of adults, scrubbing off the acne can be considered as a solution, in some cases. In the case of baby acne, this is a strict no-no.

Overall cleanliness is very important when treating baby acne. However, there are times when even utmost cleanliness does not serve the purpose. If the baby acne refuses to go away even after a long duration and your best efforts, then it is time to consult the doctors. If it is not cured within two or three weeks, it may well be symptoms of any other ailment. Hence, do not delay seeking medical opinion if you cannot solve the problem by yourself.

An interesting fact
Generally, baby acne occurs in an infant when he is around 4 weeks old and persists till the age of 4 months. It can appear on the chin, forehead, cheeks and, sometimes even, on the back of the child. The condition is more common in male infants than the female ones.

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  • Christine  - Acne
    If nursing, simply wipe some mother milk on your babies face. Natures antibiotic-worked for my baby! :D
  • Anonymous
    Hi Edith how did you use the Bach flower remedy? How many times a day and for how long
  • Passey  - baby acne
    Baby wipes and baby lotion will just make it worse.
    Just dab on cloth with warm water nd it wont irritate thr skin and wont make baby fuss.
    Like a diaper rash,if u apply anything that has perfums oscented diapers such as huggies or pampers its not gonna get better.
    My son has baby acne but i just dab on a cloth with warm water. Seems to help.
    My sons doc told me to even add cooking oil or baby oil but thats just gonna make his face greesy.
    Hope this is helpful
  • Edith  - Baby acne persisted 9 months
    My baby's acne unfortunately persisted 9 months. After visiting several dermatologists and after spending a lot of money on treatments, Bach flower remedy solved the problem...Now im struggling with his scars, red spots everywhere, they look awful and I feel terrible :( He's 13 months now.
  • Jodz  - Infantile acne
    It sounds like your baby had infantile acne, a rare form of acne in babies. My son has been diagnosed with it, he is nearly 9 months and it started to get severe at around 4 months old. My dermatologist prescribed oral isotretinoin (accutane) a low dose, due to the severity of it - he even gets cysts! He is nearly half way through treatment and it's still quite bad, but mainly the scars and marks from the old ones! It's so awful and is really depressing!!! I've heard the bioskin care range is good for scars, but slow to work. How old was ur son when it cleared up?
  • Alexis' Mom  - Baby Acne
    To "Vincent's Mom", Thank you so much for the warm wash cloth trick. I'll have to give it a shot. But does anyone know if baby wipes will make the acne worse when it's all I have to wipe the food or spit-up up. Please let me know. Thank you!! :D
  • les  - acne
    I was wondering the same thing about the wipes. Does anyone know?
  • Vincents Mom  - baby acne
    My son has little white pimples on his nose & his cheek bones . They are sorta hard & have been commin & goin since he was about a month on now he is goin on three months . I realized if yu take warm wash cloths to his face several times durin the day it doesn't come as often as when I didn't tend to it other then when he was bathed nightly . Goodluck with it & congrats to yu and yurs :love:
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