Acne In Teenage

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Teen years are the time of life most susceptible to be affected by acne. Most of the teenagers suffer from this problem during their teen years and so you are not alone. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly 100% of all teens have at least the occasional breakouts on face.

There are various causes that attribute to acne breakout in teenagers. They could be hormonal changes going on during puberty or increased stress levels. Also, diet plays a major role in causing acne. Most of the fast food is just not the right thing when it comes to healthy skin.

While the triggers could be any and many, it is important to be patient about treating this problem. As a sufferer, you must understand that hopping from one treatment to another without giving it ample time to give results, is nothing but a futile activity.

Acne in teenagers could be treated via the various acne treatments, based upon the individual condition. You have a whole array of acne treatments to select from:

* OTC medications
* Prescription treatments
* Natural and herbal treatments
* Surgical procedures
* Alternative treatments

Apart from these, you could also keep the condition under control and treat it some extent with the help of various home remedies.

Preventing acne in teenage may not be that strong a possibility. The best you can do is to make use of right treatments to keep the problem under check and try to identify the triggers and keep a check on them.

Some Interesting Facts
* Most girls experience acne near the age of eleven.
* Acne starts in boys at the age of thirteen.
* Most teenagers suffer from moderate forms of acne.
* Almost 85 % of the people living in the US develop acne between 12 to 25 years.
* In several females, acne may worsen just before the periods.
* Several teens inherit acne from their parents. So, if either of the parents have had acne during their teenage, it is likely that their child too would have the problem.

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