Alternative Acne Treatments

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If you don't want to go for medications or surgical treatments, you may opt for one of the alternative acne treatments. They are effective, free from all kinds of side effects and also promote overall wellness.


    Yoga can help you by increasing the blood flow to your face. It helps in flushing away the toxins and provides nutrients to your skin.

    If you are suffering from acne, you must practice yoga for an hour daily. Your session should include the standing forward bending postures and inverted postures followed by ten minutes of deep relaxation in the supine posture. Understanding and thereon practicing the concepts of yoga help one to move towards a balanced functioning of mind which paves the way for production of healthy chemicals, disruption of which is the root cause of acne.

    To practice effective acne treating yoga, learning the supine posture is a must. Deep relaxation in the supine posture is a very beneficial yoga technique, which has its effects on the mind and the body. It deepens the breath, relaxes the digestive system and promotes concentration. The basic problem behind acne is concentration of wastes inside the body, which start exhibiting outside in the form of acne. Yoga helps your body to get rid of that unwanted waste.


      Reflexology works on the principle of treating the various disorders by applying pressure to reflex points that are present on foot. The basic idea behind using reflexology to treat acne is that it helps promote an overall feeling of well being by keeping the vital organs healthy and the digestion intact. Thus, the blood remains purified and acne breakouts get lesser chance to flare up.


        Acupressure is the ancient Chinese treatment in which certain parts of our body are pressed at certain places in order to stimulate healing actions in our body. These places are known as pressure points. Acupressure has been successfully used in treating various diseases including acne.


          Aromatherapy has had a reputation as a natural treatment for acne for many years. Of the aromatherapy oils, tea tree is probably the best-known as an acne remedy. Some aromatherapy oils can be directly applied to the blemishes while feel good factor of other oils could help you feel rejuvenated and healed.


            Acupuncture is an effective way to fight acne. Many people have experienced wonderful results after this treatment. But, acupuncture requires you to undergo certain nutritional and lifestyle changes to get the best results. In acupuncture, acne is viewed as a result of 'damp heat' which emerges as a result of eating too much oily and spicy food or due to excessive intake of dairy products. It can also aggravate due to stress.

            In acupuncture, acne and other skin rashes are often treated by using various herbs that help in detoxifying the body and cleaning the liver. As these impurities leave the body, the quality of skin starts improving automatically. Some of the herbs that are often used in the process are dandelion, forsythia, and honeysuckle.

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            • guruofreflexology  - How Reflexology Works | Workings of Reflexology
              Reflexology is an alternative treatment and the above article explains a lot about it. Good to know that the word is spreading about reflexology.
            • acnefighter
              wow.... I have been practicing Yoga for a while now but did not realize it was as beneficial for the skin as it is for the body. Thanks so much for providing this info!
            • Silvie Hartman  - Carolyn Newman
              Yoga practice helps in overall well being. Besides treating acne, increased blood flow helps in reducing stress out of body. Particularly pranayama (breathing exercises) helps acne sufferers.
            • Melissa J Sconyers  - Need Help!
              Hi. Can you please review light based laser treatment for acne?

              I read somewhere that, it takes only 15 minutes to use an advanced vacuum and filtered broadband light to destroy acne bacteria. The technology also helps in preventing future breakouts. How much weight is there in this claim? I want to know both pros and cons before putting in my hard earned dollars.
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