Connection Between Acne And Diet

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What you eat shows the most on your skin. If you eat all the healthy things, your skin starts to glow and the nutrition is very much visible on your face. In contrast to this, if you do not eat healthy then your face may look dull and your skin would start to reflect the lack of nutrition. There are certain foods that could actually make your acne condition improve or get worse.

Foods That Help Treat Acne

Vegetables- Vegetables and rich natural products obviously top the list. Take loads of fresh vegetables. Eat anything you like but make sure that you o not add too much of oil or spices while cooking. They kill the natural nutrients present in the vegetables and make them less nutritious. Cook the vegetables optimally and then eat. They are bound to do a lot of good to your acne condition. Instead of eating a fried preparation, go for a baked or roasted one.

There are few vegetables which can also be eaten raw like carrots, raddish, cucumber, tomato, and turnips- they all do a lot of good to your skin.

Breads and milk- Go for wholemeal bread instead of white brad. It is much more nutritious and helps cure acne. Take skimmed milk instead of full cream as it has very less bacteria present in it.

Fruits- Fruits are on an all time high when it comes to treating acne. Apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries, cherries, papayas and lemons could do a lot of good to your acne condition. They have lots of Vitamin A, C, and E all of which are very helpful in treating acne. So, eating fruits to cure acne is an all time hit idea.

Foody antibiotics- Ginger and garlic are the best natural antibiotics available. You could include them in your vegetable preparations. They would not only enhance the taste of the food but also do a lot of good to your acne condition.

Eating eggs and mushrooms provides your body with zinc which is a very good and effective acne fighter.

While you eat all the above stated food boons to cure your acne, make it a point to stay away from foods that aggravate acne. Chocolates are a strict no-no and so are the fried foods. Junk food of all kinds could also aggravate your acne quite easily.

It is a fact that diet alone can not cure acne completely but if you take the right diet along with an effective acne treatment then you are sure to get rid of your acne very soon.

Grains, beans, nuts, sugar, alcohol, soft drinks and red meat are also proved as acne causing foods in the recent studies. The logical substitute for these acidic foods is alkaline food.

On the hand, foods like lean meat, fish, fresh vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, and fruits like apples, pineapples, strawberries, oranges, apples, grapes and lemons help fight acne. Although lemon is citric in nature, the specific citric acid that it contains has an alkalinizing effect that reduces acidic levels rather than increasing it. Besides, drink as much water as possible throughout the day. It will help clean your system. The cleaner your system, the cleaner will be your pores.

A List Of Foods That Might Aggravate Acne

* Seafood, such as shrimp, oysters, lobster, and crab, and sea vegetables, such as nori, dulse, and kelp, are all rich in iodine, an essential nutrition which in excess can cause skin to break out or interfere with acne treatment. Spinach is also high in iodine.
* Trans-fats have only recently been recognized as a source of the inflammation that causes acne. Glazed doughnuts, Potato chips fried in a mixture of oils, chocolate cookies with creme fillings, are some of such food stuffs.
* Bacon, Ham, most fast food sandwiches are very rish in Omega-6 fatty acids which make the body produce hormones that ultimately lead to inflammation, redness and irritation.
* Foods high on glycemic index such as cakes, cookies, french fries molasses, muffins etc are too known to aggravate acne.

But, you must make a note that these foods may not be the sole reason behind your acne. They could aggravate it and so must be taken in control to maintain the overall health of the skin.

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  • nat  - food allergy
    turns out im allergic to eggs and potatoe. get a skin allergy test it really is not painfull. my acne is alot better now only been a few mths before the test the doctor was talking about acutane treatment. but not know. some foods such as soy and cow milk can mimic your hormones so can titanium dioxide ( sunscreen ) wich is found in your makeup ladies. recomend do your own research . (truth about sunscreen) and almond milk is a good alternative. goodluck hope this helps.
  • Kawenja Joan  - MS
    well even beans and nuts aggravate acne,what is left for us to consume. just fish on a daily basis. c'mon
  • sarah  - in response to the "im shocked" person
    living beings can continue to make milk until they decide to stop feeding someone or being milked. this can be for years. also genetically modifying and giving hormones to animals could make them have milk without having calves ever.
  • kind of shocked
    rofl how could a cow make milk if it wasn't pregnant/supplementing a calf?
  • NooB  - Food had no relation to acne
    :love: IT IS said by the American research :) DON't TOUCH FACE WITH OILY FACE! That will reduce acne :)
  • Anonymous  - :)
    :) :( -_-
  • Gilbert A. Brown  - No Milk Please
    Skimmed milk may help control breakout. But I was shocked to read a report that says 75 to 90 percent of the milk consumed in USA comes from pregnant cows. Can skimming down milk reduce the hormones of pregnant cows out of the milk? Certainly not. I prefer to miss milk altogether and not trouble my zits anymore.
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