Control Acne With Birth Control Pills

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The use of birth control pills to treat acne is quite a new concept. Birth control pills are quite effective in the sense that they are capable of changing hormone levels in the body, and reducing the acne causing effects of Testosterone. It is important to understand that every human body contains both male and female hormones. Overactive sebaceous glands are the cause of rising levels of male hormones- Testosterone and Androgen. Birth control pills contain artificial female hormones- Estrogen and Progestin. The theory is that, birth control pills shut down ovaries, which produce inappropriate male hormones and allow more balanced male/female hormone mixture. For further details, read The Various Types Of Pimples.

However, there are a few problems with using birth control pill to treat acne. Birth control pills can worsen pimple, until the Estrogen levels become dominant. Different brands of oral contraception have different levels of hormones. Switching to another brand may bring acne back under control. There are several brands that may help cure acne but only Ortho Tri-cyclen has been approved by the FDA for treating acne. Is taking birth-control pills to control Acne right for you?

There are risks associated with taking birth-control pills, and these should be taken into account, before you make a final decision. These risks include increased chances of heart attack, strokes, blood clots and breast cancer (and these are compounded if you smoke), not to mention the possible side effects such as vaginal bleeding, fluid retention, melasma (dark-brown skin patches) and depression. All that may not be a worthwhile trade-off for clear skin. But, if you are already using the pill for birth control, this remedy of using birth control pill to treat acne may be worth looking into.

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