Cryotherapy Is The New Age Acne Treatment

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Cryotherapy refers to a treatment in which surface skin lesions are frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen. The tools involved in cryotherapy are cryospray, cryoprobe or a cotton-tipped applicator. It involves application of nitrogen on the skin lesions for a few seconds, depending on the severity of the lesion. The procedure is repeated in some cases, once the thawing is completed. This procedure is known as the 'double freeze-thaw'. After the therapy has been done, the skin appears completely normal, without any signs of the original lesions.

There are however, some immediate side-effects that might come up:

1) Stinging sensation as the therapy is quite painful
2) Redness
3) Swelling
4) Discomfort

There are certain things you need to take care of, after the therapy has been done:

1) Don't worry if a blister or inflammation appears on the treated area, it will disappear on it's own.
2) The treated area should be gently washed once or twice, daily and kept clean.
3) Dressing is advisable to avoid any kind of friction against clothes.
4) After the blister has dried out. Apply petroleum jelly on it and don't pick it.
5) In case of any infection, consult your doctor.

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