Cystic Acne Is Severe

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Cystic acne is the harshest and the most painful form of acne. It could leave permanent scars on your face. But what are cysts? Cysts or nodules are blockages of the oil glands that burst open and produce inflammation and pus in the surrounding tissue. These infections are usually deep under the skin and do not rise to the surface. Since, infection waste is not discharged, cystic acne takes more time to heal.

While it is not possible to stop acne from appearing, it can lead to permanent scarring of the skin. However, there are different treatments available for various individuals depending on the skin type.

Just like most of the other forms of acne, cystic acne has no particular reason behind its occurrence. It primarily occurs when the body is undergoing hormonal changes that may lead to an imbalance. Such conditions generally come up during pregnancy, puberty or childbirth.

However, in some cases it has been found that cystic acne is in fact hereditary. If one of the parents has had cystic acne, the chances are bright that their child may also suffer from it at some time.

Being the most serious form of acne, cystic acne requires you to take right steps to treat it.

Accutane is the most commonly prescribed oral medication to treat cystic acne. If yours is a severe case, your doctor may also render you some surgical treatment like microdermabrasion. Antibiotics are usually administered to reduce redness and inflammation caused due to the condition.

Tea tree oil is also an effective natural remedy for cystic acne and is sometimes prescribed by the dermatologists in its natural form or in the form of some topical applications.

Laser treatment could also help you get rid of the condition, depending on the severity of the cystic acne.

* You should make it a point to never pick or squeeze on the pustules if you have cystic acne. The bacteria present in your nails may further spread the infection and also leave behind permanent scarring.
* Keep the affected area clean and use a gentle cleanser for the purpose.
* Use minimal make up only when required and use only non-comedogenic skin care products and cosmetics.
* Since cystic acne is the most severe form of acne, it is always advisable to get in touch with your dermatologist at the earliest so that he may be able to prescribe you the required treatment.

Thus, cystic acne is surely a severe form of acne but with little more care and the right guidance you can surely overcome it quite effectively.

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  • Dee  - Acne
    Hey guys, i have blood filled acne cysts and i dont know how to treat them. Can anyone refer me to medications or anything i can change in life to change my skin? Thanks
  • Annie  - How I got rid of my cystic acne
    I had severe cystic acne all over my back and a little bit on my face, and have gotten completely rid of it using a 70% glycolic peel. It burns like hell and u wll have scabs all over but then they heal and the cysts are completely gone. Then you can follow up with once a week peel and you skin will stay clear.
  • kellie  - spot treatment
    You need to spot treat that big pimple. cleanse your face with a mild cleanser and apply a product containing 2% salicylic acid as a dot on the zit. You can apply it likewise on other zits also. Do not cover the entire cheek or face with the medicine as it will dry up whole face. SA will dry the top layer of the pimple and help in healing. As old skin dries out, new skin will surface and you will get clear skin. Also you can use a non comedogenic or oil free moisturizer on dry skin. Cleansing the face will not let your pores clog and prevent breakouts. Avoid sun exposure and follow face cleansing regime twice a day. If the problem persists do contact the doctor as it is important to control cystic acne. In the meantime, do not pinch or pop the cysts. the medicine will help heal the problem.
  • Veronica  - Suffering
    :( I've been dealing with cystic acne ever since i was 14 i hate it thankfully its not on my face but its all over my back and lower back and im afraid its starting to come to my chest now since i have two of them on my chest :/ I've tried moncylin and birth control just produced more of it and i just don't know what to do anymore. its embarrassing to go to the pool and i know for a fact people comment on it because my dad told me they have :/ ive even seen a dermatologist but nothing works :/ what should i do???
  • Emma  - Help plz
    I have a huge one right where the cheek and the jaw meets I'm 13 and people are calling me zit mound I got some Clinique product that brings the pus and stuf to the serfice and it worked on other pimpled but not this one my dad used to get them and now I have one it's gotten infected because my parents keep on squeezing it what should I do!!! :x
  • Joann  - 35 yr old female
    I am very depressed about my cystic acne as well. I get them on my forehead and now with no health insurance this time around (this flare every couple of months), I dont know what to do. The last one I popped and took sick days from work and wore a hat the rest of the week! Now i have a scar right in the middle of my forehead, along with all the other scars on my face. I used to get them magically injected but now with no insurance I am doomed. This is a real problem. I do have Doxycyline somewhere in my house. i guess I will try to start taking it again. Its so upsetting and all I do is look in the mirror constantly too.
  • Brad  - I hate it
    im 17 and i have cystic acne. ill get it on one side of my chin, and then it clears up for about a week. then it reforms, but on the other side of my chin. it's been repeating the same process for about 4 months now. i hate it. when im in public, i cover my chin with my hand, or i hide my chin in my coat. i dont know what to do. ive been forced to deal with divorce, my sister death, and now this. im beginning to get very depressed. also, im very impatient. so, every half hour or so, im running back to the bathroom, and looking in the mirror just to check up on it. i hate it.
  • Chelsey  - so embarrassing and so painful
    I totally understand. I've gotten them on my forehead since 7th grade. They hurt so bad and all I wanna do is pop them. I'm successful sometimes but it's still there, like right now. What sucks even worse is that I usually don't stop popping and it bruises, then opens up. I have 3 partially opened ones now. Not as bad as ones before, but I just got one today. It hurts to even move my forehead. It's right at the tip of my left eyebrow and any movement just kills. I want it GONE. Plus, I'm hosting a major party Saturday night. I just hope I can stop touching it and it'll decrease in pain and size. All I wanna do is go check in the bathroom too. Worst acne ever. :angry-red:
  • Lynn  - Cortisone Shots
    I'm sorry that you're having such a difficult time. I'm much older than you are, and female, but I've been getting acne cysts on my chin for nearly a year now (despite being on antibiotics). I never had cystic acne as a teenager so this is incredibly frustrating. I feel as self-conscious as you do, truly. If you haven't seen a dermatologist that is the first thing you need to do - immediately. An oral antibiotic will likely be prescribed and your skin may get worse before it gets better. In the interim, stop touching your chin with your hand. I have a bad habit of resting my chin in my hand and my MD told me that pressure can aggravate & lead to cystic lesions. High concentrations of benzoyl peroxide will dry out your skin & increase inflammation thus leading to more acne breakouts & a vicious cycle ensues. An MD is also likely to give you a topical cream with benzoyl peroxide combined with an antibiotic (clindamycin for example). The best news, however, is the cortisone injection. ...
  • Anonymous  - a secret…
    A friend told me to try something in which at first sounds crazy, but it actually worked!!!!!! I've had a few of them on my face, and I've been so frustrated with it that I actually caused scarring from trying to squeeze a couple. So, I tried what my friend suggested. So simple, and genious!!! Ready for this???


    It won't go away instantly, but I noticed that it shrunk in size the first night I used it! It burns a ilttle bit, but you just put it on before bed and see the results the next morning!!

    Good luck! :-)
  • KittieL  -
    I have had bad cystic acne on my chin since I was about 15, I'm now 18, and havent found anything (other than expensive prescriptions) that would clear the break outs and keep them away. I then read about using the Lady Soma Antioxidant Masque and have been using it for about 3 days now and am amazed. The stuff totally dried up my pimples and they are now scabbed over and healing.

    I would not, however, recommend using the masque all over your face as it does dry out skin. Only use it as a spot treatment.
  • manga  - acne
    RedZa are you a man? can men take Spirnolactone. I sicky tired of this systic acne in face mostliy in Chin. As a man can take Spirnolactone? Or you guys suggest me something else
  • Mom  - sorry!
    I am working with my daughter who started having these cysts during puberty. She has a big one on her forehead that was drained but came back with a vengeance.

    Someone accused me of hitting her in the forehead with a hard object today. lol. I laughed and try to make my daughter know that this is just one of those temporary things. We try to laugh about it, but it is not really funny. Everyone has some kind of problem, some on the inside which are worse, some on the outside which is more obvious. No one can escape having some minor defects. Luckily this kind goes away eventually.
  • Redza  - I found the way
    Hi every one
    I've been dealing with my swerve cystic acne for about 3 years. It started when i traveled abroad to study in Malaysia. I'm 23 and I started having it when I was 20.
    The Doctor in Malaysia asked me to undergo Accutane treatment. which was really horrible and made me very weak and sick. I took two 20 mg Accuatane capsule every day for about 1.5 year. The result was not quite satisfying and the side effects were annoying me.
    I stopped taking Accutane, later when I made a visit back to Iran my homeland I Met a very old Doctor. He prescribed me Doxycyline 100,twice a day along with Spirnolactone 25 three times a day. I also added zink and vitamin E as supplements. Although some may say that having Cystic acne has nothing to do with food diet, I started taking less fast food and soda drinks and more veggies and fruits.
    It's been 3 weeks since I've started my new prescription and I have to tell you Its really surprising how my acnes are getting cured....
  • Rebecca  - A Few Things That Might Help You
    I've dealt with teenage acne when I was 11-12 just as I was starting my menstrual cycle. The acne subsided for years following, up until I graduated college in 2009. Now, for the past 3 years, the acne has returned, but this time its large, cystic acne. Right under my chin and on the jawline. I know this is hormonal, but I have been on Birth Control pills since I was 15. To deal with the horrible pre-menstrual symptoms (plus, the whole fighting the acne bit was enticing too). I refused to use Accutane, now being in the medical field and hearing about all the potential health risks it presents now and in the future. I thought I just had to live with this painful and embarrassing cystic acne, but I have found a few things that have worked for me.

    1) Monthly facials. This is a must. Especially since acne is clogged pores. The skin needs to be cleansed properly by a professional and worked from the bottom layer.
    2) Proper nutrition, consistent sleeping habits, good ...
  • janey  - I HATE CYSTIC ACNE

    It's just not fair! I finally had my cystic acne under control- birth control pills, oral antibiotic, epiduo. It wasn't perfect, my dermatologist wanted me to go on Accutane. I always need to get my cysts injected. Once they stick that glorious needle into it, they are gone in 2-3 days. Now... I'm pregnant. So no more anything. I was given clindamycin pads to put on my face, but I'm plagued by HUGE ones. I have one right in the center of my forehead that has been there for 3 weeks. I have a new one on my chin that makes me look like I've been punched. Im hideous! I thought I was supposed to glow- I look like a troll. This sucks!!
  • Bethany
    I feel your pain very much. I never had acne until I was 21 years old and guess what it is cystic. I was starting to get it under control with antibiotics and medication when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. My pregnancy was absolutely horrible and I felt soooo hideous. I wish you the best of luck and hope everything gets better for you. After I had my daughter it got really bad and I am back on medication again so I am hoping it gets better.
  • Anon
    Im not sure how to judge the severity so i dont know how bad mine is but it has puss and i get the volcano on both my cheeks, if the other cheek has erupted, it starts on the cheek/cheak? on the other side of my face. Ive just started treatment and im on Benzac AC 5 Gel 5%, Differin 0.1% and Tetralysal(1 capsule daily). This is my second week. Tips, change your pillow casing every second day as it tends to get dirty quicker than anything, try not to expose your sensitive skin to the sun, when it itches, never touch it as it only gets bigger and goodluck! I dont trust this treatment but im hanging in. Damn messing up my love life as i am cute/handsome now women dont even look at me.
  • redbone
    Yes it is very frustrating. I too suffer from these ugly cysts. I've never had to deal with this beforeand I too am down on my confidence. What do we do about this? :angry-red:
  • Jenna  - Minocycline and Epiduo..
    I've been on a treatment of Minocycline twice daily, Epiduo in the morning after I wash my face, and Tazorac at night after another wash. At first I didn't even need the Tazorac and my skin clearned up almost completely in a few days! But of course that was too good to be true, because after a few weeks it slowly quit on me. He upped the dose, added the tazorac, got a little better, and then nothing. Now I'm back to square one and too afraid to try Accutane... Worst of all I'm not supposed to wear makeup, but I can't even walk out of the house feeling human without it. So much for the "prime time" of my life. Atlest I know I'm not alone!
  • Lynn  - Skip the Accutane
    Jenna, DO NOT TAKE ACCUTANE. It is harsh, dangerous and can have lasting effects on your health. I've responded to other posts so you can look at them for more details, but here are the bare bones: 1) Ask your MD about Spironolactone. It's an androgen receptor and can work miracles for some women with cystic acne. 2) Ask about alternative treatment, namely laser, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments and chemical peels/dermabrasion. IPL is safe, non-invasive and FDA approved for the treatment of moderate inflammatory acne. The laser, IPL and peel/dermabrasion treatments have the potential for long-lasting results & are superior to drugs for many reasons (bacterial resistance, yeast infections, gastrointestinal upset, and so on). Explore these options before considering Accutane. If your MD won't discuss these alternatives find a new dermatologist.
  • Anonymous  - Oh no!
    My face seems to be getting worse the older I get. I know how you feel about looking in the mirror and thinking you are disgusting..that's where I am now. I think have made the biggest mistake by always picking and popping, now I am showing all of the scars. I have Cystic acne & because of extreme stress &poor diet lately, I feel like the ugliest person alive.
    I'm sure you think you look worse than you actually do! Amway...i have tried everything...i mean everything! The best products so far have been Clinique Acne Solutions. It's phenomenal and safe to use during pregnancy, I used it throughout mine & my Gyn approved it. Give it a little time to kick in. it truly works.
  • Annemari
    Hi mommy to be again. Ask your dr or giney to pesribe Zineryt for you. You put it on the area 2 a day and it really works. It is safe to use during pregnancy. I am using it now, my baby girl is 15 months. I am still breasfeeding and can't take anything harmfull. It is working for me. Hope it will work for you!
  • MissMaro  - Aleppo Soap
    I'm sorry you're suffering. I had severe cystic acne for years, and I have found that Aleppo Soap helps a lot. There's no guarantee, of course, but you might want to try it.

    I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to be seen by other people. I used to turn down social engagements all the time because I couldn't cover my acne very well and I felt totally disgusting. (But you're not disgusting at all, and I definitely agree that you should feel beautiful during your pregnancy. Being a mother is a beautiful thing.)

    Anyway, while you can't do other treatments, it might be worth trying Aleppo Soap. It got rid of most of my acne. It might help you too. Good luck!
  • Sandra Warman  - Cystic Acne
    I had surgery years ago and cant have any more children and at 45 years i feel my body is changing should i see my doctor about this to stop my acne. What should i do? I feel the change is making my acne flare up. Will seeing my doctor help this?
  • Lynn  - Cystic Acne Treatment
    Sandra, you should definitely see a dermatologist. You will have more treatment options now that you no longer trying to conceive (I'm sorry if that was not your choice & due to illness). The doctor may prescribe a birth control pill to balance your hormones (there are various combinations of hormones so the MD will choose the one most appropriate for your needs). Some dermatologists aren't familiar with treatments that directly inhibit androgens so you should ask about them if the doctor doesn't mention them. One of the main antagonist in acne-prone skin is an overproduction of sebum (oil). Androgens (specific male hormones present in both men and women, but more abundant in males) stimulate sebum production. Spironolactone is a medication that acts as an androgen receptor and has been very successful in treating adult female acne. It is often called a "water pill" because it is a diuretic and its primary use is in treating high blood pressure. You will have to empty your b...
  • Mommy2beAgain  - severe acne
    I have always suffered from acne and have been on antibiotics for years. I am pregnant with my second child (at only 10 weeks into pregnancy) and have been experiencing the worse acne of my whole life. I am not on any antibiotics right now because of the harmful affects to the baby. My first pregnancy I suffered from acne flare ups, but this time around is the worse I have ever experienced.
    I have asked my family doctor and my obgyn for some kind of advice or help. All I have is what NOT To use. Big list. How about products I CAN use. :angry:
    It's upsetting to revolve my social life around my face. Christmas is coming up and I don't even want to be seen by them.
    Pregnancy should be a happy time... and I should be glowing... not hiding.
    Trying to stay positive and not worry too much is hard to do when all you see is my face every time I look in the mirror. I am disgusting. And I think everyone around me thinks this too.... hand me the brown paper bag ple...
  • Anonymous
    I get it still severe bumbs on my face they just stuck five needles in my face in each one for the second time.and they gave me a new antibiodick getting sick of this on my face it meeses with your esteem and confidense.I have always got jobs evrywhere i went for a interview it has ben four interviews and not one person has hired me and i know its because these huge cysts on my face. they say equal opp thats bs
  • Lynn  - Baby-Safe Treatments
    I have an honest, severe fear of what my skin would look like if I were pregnant so I feel for you, truly. Forget your GP and OB/GYN - get thee to a dermatologist! If you are experiencing cystic lesions they can be injected with cortisone to shrink them and heal them. (Go as soon as you feel one under your skin for the best results - it can sometimes deflate them in 24 hrs.) If you are able to afford a cosmetic treatment you should ask the dermatologist about laser, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and chemical peel/dermabrasion. Laser treatments have eradicated acne for some patients and IPL is FDA approved to treat moderate inflammatory acne. IPL is safe and effective. Don't give up - you just need to look for help in the right place.
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