Diode Laser Treatment: The Painful Way To Treat Acne

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Unlike other forms of laser acne treatment, diode laser treatment can be quite painful. Nonetheless, it is an effective way to treat acne. Diode laser treatment or infrared laser acne treatment is used to treat some of the most severe forms of acne. This laser acne treatment destroys the sebaceous glands without affecting the outermost layers of the skin. It controls sebum production and thus keeps acne at bay.

Laser acne treatment is one of the most advanced and effective acne treatment formulas that is being used and relied upon by many acne sufferers.

Laser acne treatment is carried out using two different types of lasers. One is diode laser or infrared acne laser and the other is the pulsed dye laser.

Out of the two, infrared laser is used to treat more severe kind of acne. It is also known to be a much more effective acne laser treatment with a success rate of almost 83 percent. It is a successful acne treatment method that is being used in many cases, these days.

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In laser acne treatment, a strong beam of light is used to cure acne problems. The treatment uses a V beam and a cool touch laser. V beam produces a laser light that gets absorbed by the red pigment in the skin. While the V beam works to reduce scars with heat, the cool touch laser tightens the skin from he inside as well as the outside.

Thus, the treatment aims at closing the pores to reduce the sebum production and lessen the acne production.

Are their any side effects of this method?
Infrared acne laser treatment is known to be associated with side effects like redness, temporary pain, and swelling that may follow after the treatment. Moreover, patients with a darker skin tone are known to suffer from hyper pigmentation after the treatment. This may lead to darkening of the skin.

How do I know that I need infrared laser?
Whether you need infrared laser acne treatment or the pulsed dye laser treatment depends upon the type of acne that you are suffering from. As per your condition, your doctor can best prescribe if infrared laser treatment is what your skin wants.

How effective is infrared laser acne treatment?
The infrared laser treatment is very effective in treating inflammatory acne. It is known to work for most of the sufferers. However, there have been reports that state that it works temporarily and the lesions tend to get back. But, that again depends on the type of skin that you have and the type of acne that you are suffering from.

Usually, after three treatments with infrared laser, you would get considerable results. The improvement is visible after the first treatment session itself and you would get to see a considerable improvement in your acne condition.

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