Go For Photopneumatic Therapy To Eliminate Acne

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Acne sufferers around the world have an occasion to rejoice and feel hopeful. The very latest cure for acne in the form of photopneumatic therapy is here to take away all their woes pertaining to their acne prone skin. Yes, acne could now be cured with the help of this latest therapy called the photopneumatic therapy.

What is photopneumatic therapy?
Photpneumatic therapy is the latest, effective and painless way to get away with the problem of acne. It is an FDA approved acne treatment approach that together uses light energy and vacuum apparatus to cleanse skin pores and kill acne causing bacteria.

It is a very effective treatment that starts to show results in just a couple of days. Most of the acne sufferers are satisfied with the results of this acne treatment. It treats both, comedonal as well as inflammatory acne and is equally effective in treating both of them.

The best part about this acne treatment is that it has no side effects except for slight dryness of the skin which could be easily managed with the help of a good moisturizer.

How is Photopneumatic acne therapy different from other light treatments?
Most of the traditional light sources like blue light target P acne while infrared lasers are meant to work upon the sebaceous gland. The photopneumatic therapy device combines both of these targets to treat the acne full fledged. The combination of broadband light and pneumatic energy that it makes use of, treats acne quite effectively.

The devices used for this therapy are being further developed using longer wavelengths to penetrate deeper in to the skin.

How does the treatment work?
A photopneumatic device delivers broadband pulsed light to the dermal targets, in absence of cooling devices and anesthetics. Then the pneumatic component so f the device applies gentle suction pressure which elevates the sebaceous target and brings it closer to the surface. The pore is then opened and the sebaceous contents are mechanically removed by the therapist.

While most of the acne treatments are known and approved to treat mild to moderate acne only, photopneumatic therapy is the only treatment that cures comedonal and pustular acne effectively.

Thus, if you have even the most severe kind of acne, you can easily hope to get rid of it with the help of photopneumatic acne treatment. So, do not worry if you have pimples and there is a party scheduled for the next weekend. With phopneumatic therapy, you would get away with pimples before that day!

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