Home Remedies For Blackheads

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* You can put some toothpaste on your blackhead to remove the swelling.
* Mixture of lemon and fresh water can also be applied to your face.
* Fresh mint juice is also applied in many cases.

* Your diet should include lots of water, vegetables, fruits.
* After grinding the orange peel and applying the thing to the face also helps us to cure blackheads. You can also take vitamin and zinc supplements.
* Daily washing of the face with rose water is very beneficial to the skin.
* A special kind of tea called Nettle have magical powers which can do wonders to your skin, its worth giving a try.
* Aloe vera juice can fasten the process of healing of skin problems.
* Applying ice to the affected areas lessens the swelling.
* Cucumber as well as sandalwood paste can help to solve skin problems.
* Utilize used green tea by scrubbing your face with it. Do it twice a week and see the difference.
* Jojoba oil is a good moisturizer for skin used after scrubs to remove blackheads and whiteheads.
* Apply a paste of ground reddish seeds with water on your face to remove your blackheads.
* Apply mixture of 35 grams of sodium bicarbonate with 1 cup of boiled water over the blackheads.
* Apply the mixture of groundnut oil with equal amount of fresh lime juice to prevent blackheads.
* Apply the mixture of ground drumstick pods and leaves with fresh lime juice on your blackheads.
* Apply a paste of mixture of glycerine soap, fuller's earth and almond powder in the ratio 2:1:4 on your blackheads.
* Using green tea as a facial scrub helps in loosening blackheads.

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  • Secret  - Blackhead
    I'm 14 and female and I have a lot of blackheads and need help can someone tell me some common house tips to use ?
  • Lindsay
    My skin is so confusing. I try so many things but I just get more. Plus can anyone tell me something I can use as a home remedy that's common not things I can't find ?
  • Laura
    I started using the oil cleansing method (castor oil mixed with macadamia nut oil or grape seed/olive oil) and my skin is so much better now. I don't really get blackheads since I started using it either. once a week or so I exfoliate with a honey, ginger and brown sugar mix. I also add in a little bit of Tee Tree Oil to the oil cleanser since it has anti-bacterial properties. Works wonders and smells great :D
  • mini
    :D my skin is very sensitive and oily does dis works on my skin pls tell me..???
  • Elson
    Hi. For oily and sensitive skin its best to wash/cleanse your face twice a day. Home remedies should always be used as per the person's suitability. try different combinations and you will find the one that is best for you :)
  • sushma
    Really helpful, I will try :D
  • susan
    :D I will try the lemon and water thanks a lot! I really need the help but can you use the lemon everyday or... Please reply, much appreciated!
  • Anonymous
    I'm excited to try all of this!
  • barbie  - lemon juice
    :D Lemon juice mixes well with sugar for a scrub, it does not sting at all
  • Linda
    I tried lemon directly but it itches badly. I will retry adding water. Thanks for advice. Aslo, I drink green tea, does that help clear out breakouts too? How to make scrub of GT? kindly explain.
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