How To Handle Acne In African American Skin?

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The color of African-American skin is darker than that of other ethnic groups. This means that their skin has an abundance of melanin which is a pigment found in different quantities in different people. Since the melanin content in their skin is high, they need to take extra care of their skin. They should take steps to prevent acne, as acne scars will be more prominent on their skin. Using the wrong or an unsuitable product may cause discoloration of skin.

If you are an African-American, devise a skin care routine and then stick to it. Make sure that skin is cleansed gently two or three times a day.  Avoid using abrasive cleansers. Avoid using hot water while cleaning the face as hot water may dry out the skin and cause acne. Use a good moisturizing solution regularly. It is a myth that the sun's rays help in curing acne. UV radiation can only damage the skin and worsen the situation.  Apply a good sunscreen lotion to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation.

Drugs should be taken with a proper prescription. Consult a dermatologist who can give you advice on a good skin care routine. Since the skin of African-Americans is very sensitive, indiscriminate use of chemical based products  can be dangerous. Proper care should be taken to keep the skin clean at all times to avoid acne. Acne can leave behind pigmented skin even after it is cured.

African American skin generally needs products with heavy oil content to replenish and moisturize the skin. Take care to use products according to the needs of the skin. Skin should not be punctured or squeezed after a lesion has formed. This would only worsen the situation. It can leaves scars that may take years to heal up. Facial peels can also be used to help treat acne and rejuvenate the skin. Applying a facial peel is not a time consuming procedure.

Sometimes Retinoids are prescribed to treat acne in African-Americans. It is also prescribed to treat hyperpigmentation. They may have drastic side effects and it is better to avoid them or take a doctor's advice. If using a Retinoid, then accompany it with a sunscreen with an effective SPF. Topical agents should be used for treating acne because they are gentle on skin. Avoid using glycolic acid or hydroquinone.  Collagen injections and Restylane are not recommended for people with dark skin. Prevention is much better than cure in the case of hypersensitive skin.

Keeping in mind the hypersensitivity of African American skin, very gentle and mild products should be used to treat acne.

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  • Jenny  - help
    Hi Camelia

    Can you share brands you use? my skin is too rough and these breakouts have made my life miserable. i am 21 and unable to clear these scary pimples, these r tiny pus filled things and i m totally failed to treat them with benzoyl and tretinoin.
  • Camellia  - Skin care
    I am black and I love my skin. Acne affected me adversely in the past. But never let acne rule your life. I am sharing my skin care routine as it has helped me keep acne away. I am successfully using it from 8 months. Daily I use a facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer to cleanse my skin. I use an all natural scrub once every week and all minerals make up. Try this much care, you will love your skin too!
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