How To Handle Acne Prone Skin During Autumn?

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Use a moisturizing face wash
Finding your skin dry, itchy or tightening is a common thing during the autumn season. To avoid itchy or tightening skin, use a face wash that comes with plenty of moisturizers. These face washes will clean your acne prone skin without making it too dry or tight.

Keep using your sunscreen
Come autumns and most people stop using their sunscreen. This is because they do not feel the heat any longer. You may not experience the scorching heat but there are enough sun rays to affect and worsen your acne. So, make sure that you wear a protective sunscreen before you step out. Go in for a sunscreen that has a SPF of at least 15. Also, try to use a sunscreen that has an oil free base.

Moisturize your skin
Autumns mark the onset of winters and dry skin. Chilly winds and cold air can make your skin turn dry. Thus, it only makes sense that you start using a moisturizer to prevent your skin from turning rough and scaly. There is even more need to moisturize acne prone skin due to the fact that you are already using anti acne products that cause skin dryness. Try to use a moisturizer that covers up the dryness effectively. However, make sure that you are using an oil free and non comedogenic moisturizer.

Cut down on the toner
Many people use a toner on a regular basis. Cutting down on the toner during the autumn season would be a wise thing to do. This is because toners have a drying effect on the skin. And, considering that autumns make your skin already dry, minimizing use of toners would be a good idea. If you still have to use them, try not to use them liberally.

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