How To Pop A Pimple The Right Way?

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Pimples can be easily popped, just a little precaution is needed. But, pimples that are not ready for it should be spared. Only those having puss should be targeted. Popping must not include squeezing of pimples. It may harm your face with more pimples.

First of all, you must wash your face with a herbal or alcohol free, gentle cleanser. Its better to use warm water. Leaving your face with the cleanser and warm water for half a minute would help kill germs on your face. Additional rinsing for 30 seconds is advisable.

Then use a cotton cloth with an astringent to dab pimples. Now, a clean wash cloth with hot water should be used to pop pimples. Popping should be done for sixty seconds. Remember one thing that cloth must be put in hot water. A wet cloth with cold water won't serve the purpose.

Next, you must place hand sanitizers on your hand to gently pinch you pimples. Sanitizer would ensure that pimple won't get affected by germs. When puss comes out, its better to use another clean cloth to wash it.

Then dry the face with a clean towel and place some antibiotic ointment on the pimple. It's advisable to put a bandage on it.

This is a usual method but some of you may like to take help of pimple remover tools that are available in the market. A sterilized needle or pin could also be used.

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