Let Scars Be Gone With Punch Elevation

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Boxcar acne scars are similar to ones that develop after chicken pox. They are deep and oval in shape and are generally known to leave a sunken area in the skin. For the kind of scars that they are it is best to treat them with the help of punch elevation method of acne scar removal.

It is a very successful treatment to normalize the look of even the deepest boxcar scars that have a normal base.

How is punch elevation done?
As in the case of punch excision, a similar punch tool which is almost like a cookie cutter is used to cut pout the tissue carrying the scar. The walls of the scar are left intact. Later, the base of the scar is elevated to the level of the skin with the help of suture or skin glue. It makes the sunken area rise up to the level of the rest of the skin and thus reduces the appearance of the scar. Later, skin grafting could be carried out in some cases to reduce the appearance of the scar.

After punch elevation
After the procedure of punch elevation is over, it takes, almost a week for the tape to get dissolved and fall off. Thereafter, a week is required for the scab to get back to normal.

Is punch elevation a successful acne scar removal method?
Punch elevation is surely a very successful way to treat boxcar scars. What is best about this method of acne scar removal is that even if you do not follow it with skin grafting, it gives you considerable results. However, some people like to go for dermabrasion after punch elevation because they think that this procedure just raises the level of the scar rather than smooth out the skin.

Also, the biggest of all advantages of using this particular method is that it carries a much reduced risk of color or texture differences. Additionally, there are very less chances that it would result in to a visible scar as is the case with punch excision.

So, if boxcar scars are your problem then you could easily get rid of them through punch elevation method. It is not an expensive method to treat acne scars and the results are fairly effective. Just ask your dermatologist and if he suggests the same for you then go for it and get rid of your acne scars once and for all!

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