Scars Are Best Treated With Punch Excision

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Punch Excision is a surgical method used to treat acne scars. It is used for ice-pick and deep boxcar scars. A punch biopsy tool is used in this procedure. It comes in diameters ranging from 1.5 mm to 3.5 mm. It has to be of the size of the scar, including the walls of the scar. Local anesthesia is given and the scar is excised with the punch tool. The skin edges are then sutured together. The new scar that takes shape, fades away with time. Further, resurfacing techniques can be used to make it disappear completely.

Punch Excision and Skin Grafting

Ice pick scars and deep pit scars are best treated with the punch excision method of scar removal. It is the most basic scar removal procedure used for most of the types of acne scars. Each acne scar is treated separately to improve the appearance of depressed acne scars.

During the punch excision method, a small cookie cutter-like tool is used to cut out the individual scars. Once the scar has been cut out, the small wound thus formed is closed by using steri-strips, skin glue or sutures. After the downtime is over and the wound has healed, you can enjoy a much evenly textured skin.

You must know that the procedure leaves behind a small and much lighter acne scar in comparison to the original one. In case you are not happy with it and even want that scar to go away, you could go for laser resurfacing that would fade away even that minor scar.

 punch excision method of scar removal, the tissue containing the scar is removed. Sometimes, this method may be combined with skin grafting too.

Once the damaged tissue containing the scar has been removed, the surgeon may either suture the skin or replace the wound with a part of patient's on skin. This is called skin grafting wherein a part of the patient's skin is grafted in to the wound so that it may heal out quickly!

The chances of a resultant scar are really less in the punch and graft method of acne scar removal. This method is primarily used when the scarred area is really big or one particular acne scar is bigger than the normal.

Recovery time after punch excision and grafting
Usually, there is no recovery time required after this method of acne scar removal. Sometimes, your surgeon may advise you to keep away from water for initial 5-7 days. Just, be ready to face some residual bruising for a week or two.
Does punch excision coupled with skin grafting work?

It surely does. Punch excision alone is a very successful acne scar removal treatment for ice pick scars. When coupled with skin grafting, it is the perfect way to get away even with bigger scars.

Are there any risks involved?
There are no specific risks involved in punch excision acne scar removal method. Only if you think that you don't even want the lighter resultant scar then you can go for laser skin resurfacing which would solve the problem completely.

A piece of advice
It is advisable to approach a plastic surgeon instead of a dermatologist for the procedure. Also, go for a two layer stitching which would prevent your acne scar from opening up again the future.

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