Skin Areas Affected By Acne

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For those who thought that acne could only happen on face, must get out of this myth. Acne could happen on various body parts. Here's taking a look at what all skin areas can be affected by it.

Butt Acne

    Butt acne, like the facial acne, too affects many individuals. Of its total victims, many find it quite depressing and embarrassing. Also, it might make it a little painful for the sufferer to sit.

    Chin Or Jawline Acne

      Your chin is basically known as hormonal part of the face and the occurrence of break outs over it is very common. Acne on your chin could be very uncomfortable if accompanied by itching. Though jawline acne can affect one and all, it is usually a common condition amidst women in their 30s.

      Body Acne

        Acne happening anywhere on other body parts such as neck, shoulders, upper arms and thighs is known as body acne. Any of the skin areas can be affected by acne.

        Genital Acne

          Genital area is another part of the body that can be harshly affected by acne. Contrary to the popular belief, even those who are leading a very hygienic life and take several baths in a day may suffer from acne lumps in genitals.

          Scalp Acne

            Scalp acne is characterized by pustules on the scalp which are extremely itchy. They are normally present where the hairline starts.

            Chest Acne

              Acne if happens on chest, is known as chest acne. Chest acne is problem which is more common in women as compared to men. About 54% of women and 40% of men are affected by it.

              Acne On Lips

                As blemishes can occur on any part of your body, they are equally susceptible to be happening on your lips. Certain blemishes on lip area are in the form of lip lines.

                Back Acne

                  Acne could happen on your back too. It might come in the form of mild pimples and may aggravate to painful cysts and nodules.

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                  Skin Areas Affected By Different Types Of Acne

                    Acne vulgaris - Face, back and chest
                    Acne mechanica - Face, shoulders, neck and thighs
                    Excoriated acne - Face, back and chest
                    Infantile acne - Cheeks, forehead and chin
                    Pomade acne (or comedonal acne) - Forehead and chin
                    Acne Conglobata - Face, chest, back, thighs, upper arms and buttocks
                    Acne Fulminans - Chest and back
                    Pyoderma faciale - Face, chest, back, thighs, upper arms and buttocks
                    Nodulocystic acne - Face, chest and back
                    Gram-negative folliculitis - Face
                    Rosacea - Cheeks, nose, forehead and chin

                    Irrespective of the location of acne on your skin, you can surely clear blemishes with the help of various acne treatments available.

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