Subcutaneous Incision Or Subcision: No More Acne Scars

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Deep rolling scars could all be best treated with the help of subcutaneous incision or subcision. It is a very effective method that has been in use to treat even the deepest of rolling scars quite effectively. So, how is it to treat acne scars with subcision or subcutaneous incision? Let's take a look.

How is subcutaneous incision carried out?
The process involves separating the skin tissue in the affected area from the deeper scar tissue, using a cutting device. As the process is carried out, the blood pools under the affected area, thereby making the acne scar to come in to level with the rest of the skin. Generally, the process is followed by laser resurfacing which smoothens out the scarred tissue.

The basic task of subcutaneous incision is to break up the fibrous scar tissues. The process is carried out under the effect of local anesthesia.

What after subcision? Are there any risks or side effects involved?
You may come across a little bruising that would go away within a few days. Subcision could result in to bleeding and formation of subcutaneous nodules. But, you need not worry about them as bleeding can be controlled with proper use of anesthetics and bandaging, and the subcutaneous nodules can be treated with injection of corticosteroids.

It takes almost a week for the skin to come back to normal.

Since rolling scars are a result of fibrous bands that may make the skin to roll or appear undulated, subcision is aimed at breaking up these fibrous bands.

Is subcutaneous incision a successful acne scar removal method?
Yes, rolling scars can be very successfully treated with the help of subcision method of acne scar removal. The procedure could be slightly painful and so it is carried out under the influence of anesthesia.

The formation of a new connective tissue lends a truly healing and fresh touch to the otherwise affected area. In some cases, the method is also used to treat ice pick scars.

A word of advice
Make sure that you approach a qualified professional to carry out the procedure. Do not hesitate to ask questions and clear any of your doubts. It would help you understand the treatment better and make you have realistic expectations in terms of results. Talk to the people who have already undergone the procedure and look for the results they have achieved.

Although, results of the treatment vary on a case to case basis, you could still have a fair idea.

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