Types Of Blackhead Extractors

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This process involves manually removing blackhead one by one. A metallic extractor with an opening towards the end is used for this purpose. However, this method is not really advised for blackheads around the lips and mouth corners. This is because the skin on these areas are extremely gentle and extraction is not a very tender way of dealing with blackheads.

The different types of blackhead extractors are:

Blackhead extractor with lancet
This is the most common type of extractor used by doctors as well as in the households. It has two ends- one to make the hole and the other to excrete the dirty materials out.

Double spoon blackhead extractor
This one is beneficial and handy to those who are beginners, and those who have big blackheads. It causes less injury to the skin. This tool has an end which is spoon shaped with numerous holes basically for removing the small blackheads. For the larger blackheads we have to first use the lancet and then only use this tool for throwing out the materials.

Fine loop blackhead extractor
It has two ends which are like loops and can be used for treating both whiteheads and blackheads.

Eight in one blackhead extractor kit
This kit comprises of double loop extractor, single loop extractor, fine loop extractor, with 2 lancets in varying sizes. Virtually this kit consist of everything one requires to deal with a blackhead.

Vacuum blackhead remover
This equipment is easy and safe to use. This remover gun is very effective and is well appreciated because acne or blackhead removal with your fingers or with other tools may cause pain, bleeding or permanent scarring. This equipment on the other hand allows you to massage the affected area and thus loosen the blackhead or the whitehead from the root. The powerful suction of this equipment allows you to completely remove the blackhead from the skin, extracting all traces of it without any scarring or pain.

The advantage of vacuum blackhead remover is that it is portable, lightweight and suitable for use in the bath as well. The best time to use it is after a bath or shower when your skin is clean and the pores are open.

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