What Is Adult Acne

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Statistics say that a quarter of the male adult population is affected by acne. It is known to affect half of the adult female population. Acne has no known age barriers. It can occur during the teens or at any other age. The fact is that acne can occur even during the mid 30s or 40s. This is what is called Adult Acne. Although it could occur on any of your skin areas, it most commonly happens on your chin, nose, or back.

Acne in adults could be a result of:
* Stress
* Cosmetics
* Hormonal imbalance

In case of adult women, premenstrual flare ups are also pretty common.

Treating adult acne is pretty similar to treating teen acne. The severity of the acne and the individual condition of the sufferer make the dermatologist suggest the right treatment amongst the following options available:

* OTC medications
* Prescription treatments
* Natural and herbal treatments
* Surgical procedures
* Alternative treatments

In case of adult acne, it is suggested that any treatment may only be taken under the guidance of a dermatologist. However, you can surely resort to some home remedies that could help you keep the condition under check.


* Preventing adult acne is very much possible via following ways:
* Ensure proper digestion
* Learn to manage stress
* Exercise regularly to remove toxins from the body
* Use non-comedogenic cosmetics

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